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Exploring Dearborn, Michigan

Dearborn MI is a city in the heart of Wayne County, Michigan. With almost 110,000 residents, it is the 7th most populated city in Michigan. The area was the birthplace of Henry Ford and has the largest Arab population in the United States. This city is a phenomenal family city with a rich history and beautiful sites.

Emergency Response Services, Inc. is proud to serve Dearborn MI with emergency disaster cleanup and restoration services.

A Brief History of Dearborn MI

The area where Dearborn MI is located was settled long before European settlers arrived. It was mostly populated by the Council of Three Fires, the Potawatomi, and related peoples. Historians agree that the indigenous tribes have been living on these lands for thousands of years before the arrival of the European settlers. 

Dearborn MI hometown of Henry Ford

In the late 18th century the area was settled by the French. Dearborn MI itself was settled in 1786 but was not incorporated as a village until 1893. It was named after Henry Dearborn, who was a Civil War general and member of Thomas Jefferson’s Presidential cabinet. 

Since then, the city has seen a consistent influx of immigrants. During the 19th and 20th centuries, the majority of its settlers came from Europe and the Arab subcontinent. The city was initially mostly agricultural, but being the birthplace of Henry Ford significantly influenced its future development as an industrial town. Henry Ford founded the River Rouge Complex, the largest factory in Ford’s industrial empire. 

It is still an industrial town with Ford Headquarters located in Dearborn. Modern Dearborn has the largest Arabian descent population in the United States, the majority of them being descendants of 19th and 20th-century immigrants. 

Things to do in Dearborn MI

If you live in Dearborn MI, or you are simply passing through you are sure to be entertained. Even though this city has much to offer, we have selected the top three must-see attractions in the city:

Ford Museum Dearborn

The Henry Ford Museum

As Dearborn is the birthplace of the great American industrialist, it is only natural to find a museum to his name in here. It has been called one of the coolest museums to visit and is an obligatory stop for everyone that has an interest in American or car history. This museum offers more than cool exhibits, as it has been called an experience.

Arab American Museum Dearborn

Arab American National Museum

Dearborn has the largest Arab population in the US, and thus it is only natural for it to be the home of the only Arab American National Museum. This is a great place to learn about how and for how long has Arab culture influenced American society, culture, and ideas.

Automotive Hall Of Fame Dearborn

Automotive Hall Of Fame

Car lovers have plenty to look forward to when they visit Dearborn MI. The Automotive Hall Of Fame has a rich exhibition of all the cars that have stood out in the history of the industry. You'll find everything from curious inventions to the most innovative and most successful ones. You can find information about the inventors, cars, brands and more.

Emergency Restoration Services in Dearborn MI

Call ERSI, day or night, for immediate response to your restoration needs. We service all of Dearborn, Michigan, and surrounding neighborhoods. ERSI is the #1 locally trusted water restoration company.

Dearborn MI Restoration Services

Fire Damage Dearborn

Fire Damage Dearborn MI

Fires are dangerous even when extinguished. That's why ERSI offers fire board up, fire damage restoration, fire damage repairs, and smoke deodorization. For fire damage in Dearborn MI, call 24/7 to schedule an inspection.

Water Damage Dearborn MI

Water Damage Dearborn MI

Water removal and extraction cannot be delayed. Call us right after finding water damage. ERSI provides water extraction, drying, water damage restoration, and water damage repairs in Dearborn MI. We respond 24/7.

Storm Damage Dearborn

Storm Damage Dearborn MI

Dearborn is no stranger to large storms bringing gale-force winds, heavy rains, and hail. When a big weather event happens in Dearborn you may not know what to do. Trust ERSI to return your property to pre-loss condition.

Mold Removal Dearborn

Mold Removal in Dearborn MI

When you find mold on your property, you could be facing a serious health issue. Mold causes runny eyes, difficulty breathing, sore throat, skin rashes, and even death. If you find mold, call ERSI immediately for an inspection.

trauma cleanup

Trauma Cleanup Dearborn MI

Emergency Response Services, Inc.'s bio-clean technicians are equipped to remove and dispose of all biohazard pathogens and trauma. We handle these situations with extreme care, discretion, and compassion.

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