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24/7 Immediate Response to Sprinkler Head Burst Water Damage

If you maintain a commercial property, or live in multi-family housing, you’re probably no stranger to overhead sprinklers. While they certainly do their part to keep people safe, overhead sprinklers pose the threat of potential water damage. Malfunctions are more common than you think and create sprinkler head burst water damage.

When your property has sprinkler head burst water damage, call a restoration company you can trust. Emergency Response Services, Inc. works overtime to restore your property to pre-loss condition, making the space habitable and safe for occupancy. Call ERSI for 24/7 immediate response to your sprinkler head burst water damage needs in Warren, Ferndale, and surrounding Michigan neighborhoods.

sprinkler head burst water damage

Emergency Restoration Services

Call ERSI, day or night, for immediate response. We are your trusted local disaster restoration company.

Common Causes of Sprinkler Head Burst Water Damage

Sprinkler systems require competent and regular maintenance to stay in good working condition. While water damage can occur via sprinkler heads as a result of a fire, there are other reasons for sprinkler head burst water damage. Here are some common reasons that cause sprinkler malfunctions:


Corrosion of the pipes that distribute water affects the ability of sprinklers to function during a fire. The water from the sprinkler contains additives and minerals that permeate rust on the pipes and cause leaks. Corrosion also reduces water pressure required in a dangerous situation.


A fire sprinkler system may stop working if it gets overheated. That means considering maximum internal heat temperature is important when you set the tolerance of your sprinkler system. Otherwise, you face the possibility of malfunctions and sprinkler head burst water damage.

Poor Installation

If a commercial or industrial property experiences a fire breakout, it is important that the sprinkler system has been installed properly to provide immediate, life-saving water supply. However, poor installation of the sprinkler system may cause a malfunction when it matters most.


Freezing of the sprinkler system causes big problems. Pipes supply the sprinkler system throughout the property. However, some areas may not have sufficient insulation which causes ice buildup. In turn, the ice expands within the pipes, creating poor pressure, leaking, and cracks.

Why Choose ERSI for Sprinkler Head Burst Water Damage

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