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4 Firework Safety Tips to Read Before Lighting the Fuse

America’s Independence Day celebrations would not be complete without the colorful fireworks we have all come to expect. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, many localities have cancelled their normally scheduled firework shows to prevent the spread of the virus. This means that many Americans will be taking matters into their own hands.  While DIY fireworks can be tons of fun, safety should be your paramount concern. From bodily injury to the potential of a fire, you should take extra precautions this 4th of July to ensure the safety of your family and your home. Our four firework safety tips

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How to Spot Water Damage Like a Pro

ERSI has seen firsthand just how serious water damage can be when left untreated. A leak or rupture beneath walls and under floors has dangerous consequences. Moisture makes your home vulnerable to mold growth and potential structural issues when not properly remediated. And, the longer you wait, the greater the chances are of water damage spreading. That’s why we are bringing you a few tips for spotting water damage before it becomes a massive problem. Sources of Water Damage It is the responsibility of every property owner to know the signs and symptoms of water damage. But first, it’s important

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Prep Your Roof for Winter Storms to Prevent Interior Water Damage

The cold weather is here and isn’t going anywhere. We have already been hit with a few snow, sleet, and ice storms and I’m sure we have more to go before the season is done. In the winter, your roof is one of your most important home defense tools at preventing water damage. Though having your roof professionally maintained is a necessary annual chore, there are some steps you can take to keep your roof solid, so your property remains leak and water damage free when spring comes. Check out our roof prep steps below. Even if the season began, you

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Steps to Safely Remove Asbestos from Your Home

Home projects are great to give you the home you have always wanted. You can do many renovation projects to build out your property and be more comfortable in your space. There are other improvements that are necessary to protect you and your family. There are many homes and properties that still have asbestos in them, putting the people inside in danger. Safety must come first, especially when you consider removing the asbestos in your home. Read our guide below to understand what you need to know about removing asbestos from your home. The Dangers of Asbestos To this day, asbestos

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Your First Steps for Recovery After a Storm Damages Your Property

A major storm can form out of thin air and leave a path of destruction in its wake. Tornados and hurricanes are drastic cases, but other storm types can do incredible damage to your home or office. If left on its own, this damage can present health risks to your family or employees. Repairing storm damage is a tough task, but you are not alone. Many others have gone through what you currently have to deal with, so there is help available. From cleaning up the storm damage to working with insurance companies, the Emergency Response Services team has you covered with

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Why is Asbestos Removal Important?

No matter if you are planning a renovation or you want to check your home for improving your family’s health, it is a good idea to test your home for asbestos. Up until the 1970s, asbestos was a building material used to stop fires. Unfortunately, asbestos has many negative impacts on people’s health. Proper asbestos removal and cleanup from experienced professionals will improve your home’s safety. Keep reading to learn more about the reasons why asbestos removal is important for your home. Asbestos is in Many Places One of the continuing scary aspects of asbestos is how prevalent it is.

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Be Prepared for Any Type of Storm to Prevent Damage to Your Home

Taking care of yourself and your family is an important responsibility. There are many ways to protect your family, a top way being sheltering them. Your home is meant to stand up to the torments any weather throws its way. However, storms can be unrelenting, so your home will need some help to withstand most of the rain, wind, snow, sleet, hail, and all the crazy objects that can be whipped around. Reinforcing your home and doing routine maintenance on the outside can help, but there are further steps you can take. Keep reading to learn about the ways you

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Welcome to Our New Website!

We’ve added great new features and updated our content to bring you the most up to date information about our company.  Check back often for updates. Our Process is Simple Schedule an Inspection 1) Schedule an Inspection Emergency Response Services, Inc. is comprised of an elite world-class team with proven leadership providing services in the insurance restoration industry. 2) Get a Free Estimate Our team uses industry-standard estimating software to provide you and your insurance company with a detailed and accurate estimate for restoring your property. 3) Meet Your Project Manager After the estimate process, you will be assigned a

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ERSI Free Bike Helmet Giveaway

If there is one thing that ERSI truly has a passion for, it is helping the community. On Sunday, August 18, 2019, we had the perfect opportunity to do so with a free bike helmet giveaway. From 1 to 3 PM at the City of Oak Park offices, children and adults stopped by to pick up a complimentary bike helmet and other supplies donated by ERSI. The public safety initiative came about when Aaron Tobin, founder of E-Z Roll, approached ERSI about donating the bike helmets. The partnership proved to be the perfect fit as both E-Z Roll and ERSI

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