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Your water heater is an essential part of any residential or commercial property. While the average lifespan of a home water heater is 10-20 years, the possibility of a water heater malfunction is always present. Water heater malfunction water damage creates significant issues to the property, especially if the unit has been poorly maintained.

Unfortunately, water heater malfunction water damage is all too common.  Luckily, Emergency Response Services, Inc. has the experience and equipment needed to inspect and mitigate damages caused by faulty units. When you find water heater malfunction water damage in your home or business, contact ERSI immediately to resolve the problem in a flash.

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Common Causes of Water Heater Malfunction Water Damage

Tank style water heaters are quite efficient when in good working order. A cold water intake pipe allows water to enter the tank at the top of the unit. This water is fed through a dip tube for heating. Depending on whether the unit is gas or electric, the heating mechanism heats water to the temperature specified on the thermostat before shutting off. The water then exits through the hot water outlet to deliver the water throughout the property. The following are common causes of water heater malfunction water damage.

Lack of Maintenance

Failing to regularly check and maintain your water heater is the most common cause of tank-style water heater malfunction water damage. Worst of all, lack of maintenance creates other serious issues, including corrosion, as well as scale and sediment build up.


Corrosion happens when the sacrificial anode rod deteriorates. The rod's purpose is to attract corrosive elements away from exposed steel in the tank. While designed to corrode, failure to replace the rod can result in water heater malfunction water damage.


Hard water creates scale and sediment if not cleaned. Without cleaning, the scale and sediment inhibit the anode rod from preventing corrosion. This, in turn, can lead to one or both heating elements failing. This leads to water heater malfunction water damage.

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