Flood Recovery 101: How to Mitigate the Hazards

flood damage restoration

A flood is a temporary overflow of water that generally covers dry land. These disastrous events are the result of either natural or human causes. Heavy rainfall, clogged drains, hurricanes, broken dams, urbanization, burst pipes and supply lines, and other sources frequently cause severe flooding. Water has devastating effects on your property, and nearly always requires professional assistance from a certified flood damage cleanup and restoration team.  

Fortunately, when you find yourself in these situations, ERSI can help. As an experienced disaster restoration company, we have seen it all. That’s why we are sharing helpful information about flooding and what you can do to minimize the damage, as well as your expenses and stress.  

Hazards of Floods

As a property owner, a flood is a flood. However, we recognize that different types of floods pose a variety of threats to your home or business, in addition to your health. For instance, a broken pipe or supply line is inherently different than a flood from natural sources. This is because water from the outside introduces several contaminants into the property, including chemicals, fertilizer, sewage, gasoline, bacteria, and more. 

Beyond these hazards, large objects such as cars and houses can be swept up by floodwater, making you and your property a target for impact. Massive erosion weakens structures, creating the potential for collapse. Internally, man-made structures take on severe water damage as the flood flows into the property. Thanks to electrical appliances and high voltages, intruding water acts as a live wire that can cause electrocution. In summary, flooding is no joke and should be treated as a real danger. 

Common Damages Caused by a Flood

FloodSmart.gov estimates that a 2,500 square-foot home that suffers six inches of flooding could cause approximately $50,000 of damage. Even if you have flood insurance, the amount of damage can be overwhelming. Below, we discuss some of the most common damages caused by flooding: 

Weakened Structures

The velocity of a flood and the sheer force behind the water weakens structures, buckling floors, cracking roofs and foundations, and saturating building materials. 

Appliance Damage

From your HVAC system to the water heater and refrigerator, flooding destroys appliances. You should turn off all electricity and refrain from using appliances until they have been deemed safe.

Mold and Mildew

Mold begins to grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours after flooding. Drywall, flooring, insulation, clothing, and furniture can all be affected by mold. For this reason, you should dry out the property as soon as possible with the help of a professional flood damage cleanup team.  

Septic and Well Water System Damage

Debris swept in by a flood can clog septic tanks, impairing its ability to receive water. Furthermore, sediment enters wells, contaminating drinking water. To combat these effects, you will need to have your septic system inspected and drinking water tested after a flood. 

What To Do When You Have Flood Damage

As a responsible property owner, your first inclination may be to contact your insurance company. You should note that your insurance company will want to see that you have been proactive in responding to the flood damage. As such, you should contact a flood damage cleanup and restoration company to inspect the affected areas to provide an estimate for your insurance company. 

While you are waiting for us to arrive, there are a few steps you can take. If the flood is not of natural causes, locate the source of water and turn it off immediately. Move furniture and belongings away from the water. If you are experiencing minimal flooding, use a shop vacuum or squeegee to extract standing water. Open windows and use fans and dehumidifiers where it is safe to do so until professional help and equipment arrive. 

Restoring Your Property After a Flood

Flooding goes beyond extracting the water. Rather, it requires a unique response to address the multiple hazards it presents. Emergency Response Services, Inc. works diligently to return your property to its pre-loss condition while sparing you the hassle. Call us today for professional flood damage cleanup and restoration services!