ERSI Donates Masks to Local Hospitals for COVID-19

covid-19 masks

The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed the way Emergency Response Services, Inc. does business and interacts with its customers. As an essential business, we have maintained our service offerings to assist property owners when they need us most. 

There are several other essential job functions that our community relies on to protect, serve, and heal citizens. Doctors, nurses, police officers, and other city and county officials all work to keep society functioning, even in the face of a global shut-down. For this reason, Emergency Response Services, Inc. wanted to find a way to show our gratitude and appreciation for these professionals. 

As you’re likely aware, the CDC and WHO recommend wearing a protective face mask when coming into contact with other individuals to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. For doctorsnurses and other public safety officials, maintaining six feet of space to adhere to social distancing protocol simply is not possible. ERSI values the health of all, and as such, hoped to help ensure the wellness of those who selflessly care for others in the face of a deadly virus. This was especially important given the widespread shortages of PPE for these professions. 

We quickly began checking our inventory for any face masks. With these and several purchased donations in tow, Emergency Response Services, Inc. took to the task of distributing the PPE throughout the area. Over 900 N95 masks, 100 Tyvek suits, and 400 foot covers were passed out. The breakdown is as follows: 

  • 200 N95 masks to Macomb County Executive Offices for dispersal  
  • 100 Tyvek suits to the Roseville Fire Department 
  • 100 N95 masks to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department 
  • 100 N95 masks and 80 foot covers to City of Detroit’s Mayors office for dispersal 
  • 200 N95 Masks and 120 foot covers to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit 
  • 200 N95 masks and 120 foot covers to William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak 
  • 100 N95 masks and 80 foot covers to Oakland County Executive Offices for dispersal. 

Emergency Response Services, Inc. was met with abundant thanks for the personal protective equipment from the recipients. While we always strive to help our community, knowing that our local doctors, nurses, police officers, and fire fighters are adequately protected from COVID-19 is incredibly comforting and rewarding. 

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